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mentorship PACKAGES

1:1 mentorship with me. on-line or in person.

i am not your typical boudoir photographer. i was shooting erotically & artistically before it was socially accepted. i had to figure out how to run a successful business on my own, nobody was shooting the content i was shooting along with there being zero information on how to run a actual business. it took many trials and tribulations to get to where i am and i have so much information to share. if you feel stuck, calendar is empty & uninspired, i can help you elevate your business and get you closer to shooting what you want to be shooting. if you are on this page it is obvious you belong into this world of photography. boudoir needs more unique visions. clients need someone safe to let them truly embrace themselves. i can teach you to become one of those photographers.


mentorship packages

1:1 mentorship program

for anyone wanting to level up or begin a photo business. not to mention this is a write off for all photographers.

- one 60 minute, in person, coaching session covering camera equipment, lighting, creative editing, filters, presets & more.

- one 60 minute, in person, coaching session covering the business side of photography, client reach, workflows, organization, editing, marketing, instagram, how to book out and any topic you want to know.

- social media and website critique, how to shift what you want to shoot.

- hands on shoot with me and one of my real clients, watch how i work with someone, posing, set up & break down of photography equipment.

- one stylized and hands on shoot with a model & concept of my choice, you will be shooting alongside of me with your own equipment. this will be great for your portfolio.

- a follow up meeting for your to ask me any question you desire and any lingering questions,


1:1 on line mentorship program

for anyone who needs basic information, this can be done on zoom from anywhere in the world.

- one, 60 minute, coaching session covering camera equipment & the business side of photography. you can pick my brain and ask any questions you have ever wanted to know.

- social media and website critique, brainstorm on how to market yourself to get the client reach that you want.


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